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Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on wednesday 4 february 2015

Summer Sunset by Andreas Krappweis

The Power of Unconditional Love

When I was about six, my father would sometimes read to us from the Bible. The Bible never appealed to me – nor does it now – but Jesus did. He was always very kind to others and he worked miracles. Still, when I became older, my fascination for him lessened. Let me put it this way, due to the connection constantly being made with the Church and with religion in general, I kept everything that had to do with him at bay. This suddenly changed a few years ago.

What I have come to do here
In my personal growth I began focusing on the spiritual aspect. I longed to discover who I really am, where I come from and what I have come to do here in this life. By reading books, writing my own book, talking to others, taking courses and especially through a healthy dose of introspection, I discovered how powerful the heart is and that my heart is wide open. By the way, the latter does not imply that I let everyone ‘inside’, but that I live from the heart and am susceptible to love. In any case, this discovery really speeded things up.

A flow of creation and manifestation
I discovered the power of unconditional love. In other words, that I experience a tremendous amount of freedom and power by not imposing conditions on my love for myself and for others. Everything seems to go with the slightest of ease when done with love’s power – heart energy. I live from the heart, which lets me see more clearly with my third eye – pineal gland – allowing me to receive the ‘messages’ from my inner guidance. I follow the latter, and so I find myself in a flow of creation and manifestation.

Have faith in our own divinity
It was on this path of personal growth that I came across an old friend. Yes, you know who I mean: Jesus. This was inevitable, because everything I had discovered was about what I admired in him all those years ago. For, he symbolizes unconditional love and self-manifestation. The two go hand in hand, and I believe they form what they call Christ Consciousness. Jesus lived from the heart, from unconditional love, and he fully surrendered himself to the divine guidance that is present in us all. Through his miracles – which he really performed – he showed us what we are all capable of once we have faith in our own divinity.

Live on after death
Now, you may be wondering why he didn’t prevent himself from being crucified. He didn’t prevent this because that was what he was aiming for. He died and resurrected, and in this he showed us we all have it in us to fully manifest our divinity here on Earth, and to subsequently live on after death. By the way, in order to achieve this more quickly, Jesus got help from his wife, Mary Magdalene. Contrary to what the Church claims, Mary wasn’t a whore but a priestess from the Egyptian temple of Isis – and she was highly developed also. In this temple, and from an early age, Mary learned the art of the divine sex magic.

They made love to each other’s souls
This magic, which you can perform both on your own and with a partner, enables you to manifest anything you like – as long as it’s in accordance with the divine concept – and to reincarnate in the same body or even to live on after death in a ‘heavenly’ body. The latter is what Jesus manifested with Mary Magdalene’s help. They not only made love to each other’s body, they made love to each other’s soul. They were only able to do so because she opened his heart even further. The result of their combined sexual energy enabled Jesus to bear the pain of his crucifixion, reach heaven – which is a place in the soul – and leave a path of light throughout the Cosmos. This light makes it easier for us to achieve the same, to manifest ourselves completely.

It starts with yourself
Their act was one of unconditional love and grace for humanity and the Earth. It relates to a desire that I cherish for a world of happiness, love and abundance. It gives me faith in fulfilling my dream of a world in which we live in heart-connection, unity and love. Paradise on Earth. We may not be able to bring this about all at once, but we can do so step by step. And it all starts with yourself. Like Jesus said: You can do anything I can, and more.

The Magdalene Manuscript – Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion
Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East – Baird T. Spalding

Drowning Man – U2

Image: ‘Summer Sunset’ by Andreas Krappweis on

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