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So, you’re writing, but somehow, you can’t see the wood for the trees. You don’t feel inspired. Or you simply can’t find the right words to give meaning to what goes on inside you. Phew ... I guess this is tougher than you thought, eh? Are you starting to lose hope?

Everyone can write

Everyone can write. Everyone can access the universal source of inspiration. Yet, we don’t always manage to transform inspiration into stories. That’s because we give it too much thought. We make things more difficult than they are; we get in our own way. And before you know it, you lose the desire to write. Does this sound familiar?

I can coach you

I would love to help you. In a Writing Coaching session, I can tune into you and into what you want to write about. In this way, I can coach you, so you will start writing from the heart. After a few sessions, you will be able to write whatever comes to mind. Whether you want to write something private or whether you wish to bring a professional message across, I can teach you to write stories in order to express yourself.

Learn to write to your heart’s content

How about it? Do you want to learn how to write stories? Would you like to write without thinking? Contact me for your very own Writing Coaching session. And learn to write to your heart’s content.

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