Why wait for love?

Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on tuesday 19 april 2016

I Love Clouds by Lonnie Bradley

“Why?” he asked and looked up at the tiny clouds slowly drifting by. “Why am I being deserted again?”

At that moment, his heart grew heavy. He did not understand why she had left him. Why he had lost her.

Then he looked down again, at the trees to the right, and he walked over to the little lake that lay hidden behind them.

The Police Cant Stand Losing You

Stone Heart by Sebastian Wendowski

Once at the lake, he fell to his knees and burst into tears. In vain he tried to stop them. His long-supressed grief poured out in the same way as his tears rolled over his cheeks.

Once he was finished crying and the tears dried up, he looked at the water before him and noticed his reflection. He smiled. It was as if he was looking straight into his own heart. He looked with tenderness in his eyes, and listened to what his heart had to say.

Lil Wayne Mirror

Smile by Dave Dyet

And his heart spoke plainly. ‘You know very well why you’re in so much grief, don’t you?,’ he heard his heart asking him. Yes, he certainly did. Not she, his lover, but he himself had left him. He had left himself, of that he was aware. He had adjusted so many times, had been unfaithful towards himself again. He had cut himself off from himself long ago. For a very long time, he had lived in the shadow of his smile.

George Benson The Shadow Of Your Smile

Spring by Createsima

Now was the time to get to grips with his feelings. And so, it dawned on him. All this time, he had been searching for love from others. Every time he had found love, he had warded it off. It was too much for him, he was unable to receive it, and therefore, he ran away from it. It then appeared as if other people were shutting themselves off, which, in a sense was true, but mostly it was he who was shutting himself off. Until his desire for love was greater than his fear of receiving it. Then he would wait for love again.

‘Why wait for love?,’ his heart interrupted.

The question made him blush and blossom at the same time.

Sergio Mendes Waiting For Love

Field by Frisee Max

‘Yes, what a good question,’ he said to himself. Just as he said it, the answer came to him. Love was within him, he knew. Each time he had thought that he had found love with someone else, that love had merely been a reflection of his own love.

He sighed contentedly. Then he stood up, closed his eyes and felt the warmth of the sun on his face. His heart felt lighter, even began to swell with happiness, love and faith. He felt reborn, he felt himself rise up from his emotional death. All was fine.

Herb Alpert Rise


‘I Love Clouds’ by Lonnie Bradley on Freeimages.com

‘Stone Heart’ by Sebastian Wendowski on Freeimages.com

‘Smile’ by Dave Dyet on Freeimages.com

‘Spring’ by Creatisma on Freeimages.com

‘Field’ by Frisee Max on Freeimages.com

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  • ghada

    Geplaatst op vrijdag 16 december 2016 om 09:52 uur

    heartbreaking but truer words ...so much resonance on my end ..thanks for this post and breathtaking music

  • Wim

    Geplaatst op zaterdag 17 december 2016 om 11:01 uur

    Hi Ghada,

    Thank you very much for your lovely comments - as always. So glad you loved the post.

    Have a wonderful day!


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