Why God doesn't exist

Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on wednesday 4 february 2015

Marbles by Diane Miller

Consider this for a moment. Our Earth is located in the solar system, which is located in the Milky Way, which is located in the Universe, which is located in the Cosmos. And then? What lies beyond the Cosmos? And where does that end? Hang on, where there’s an end there’s a beginning. Oh right, I can see it now: there are two little boys playing marbles in the backyard. One of their marbles is our Cosmos. The time needed for that one marble to bump into another marble is a few seconds. Speaking in terms of the boys’ planet, that is. Converted to Earth time: umpteen billion light years.

I didn’t just believe what I read in books
Are you still following me? You’re not? Well, I can hardly keep up, myself. The fact I’m writing a blog about this, means I like philosophizing on the subject. It started when I was a little boy. I never readily took something to be true, and followed my sense of knowing. I didn’t just believe what I read in books, like the Bible. I only believed in Jesus, and still do, as a matter of fact. That, and in a Source, and that we are all connected in a greater being. I sensed this very strongly from a very young age. So, I didn’t believe in God either. At least, not consciously.

Worship something beyond their own power
As I grew older, I started thinking it over, though. Only then, I was influenced by the collective belief that the World was filled with misery. I wasn’t able to match the misery with a god who allowed this. Wasn’t he supposed to be capable of creating anything? Why then, didn’t he create happiness, love and abundance in the World? I didn’t understand, and even though I paid no attention to what others accused God of, I simply felt no connection with this all-seeing, almighty being dispensing justice to mankind. Besides, I never understood how people could worship something beyond their own power. All in all, I’ve never had a healthy relationship with God. Until a month ago, when I began to believe that God and the Source – in which I believed since I was a boy – were one and the same thing.

Extremely angry at God
Still, this new love affair didn’t last long. We broke up last weekend. What happened? To make a long story short, last week was very heavy going for me and resulted in me being extremely angry at God. Then I discovered I was actually angry at myself. This led me to what I have believed all my life. Namely, that God is within us all. That we ourselves are divine, the Source, and interconnected in the Greater Being. As always, an outer God, simply doesn’t register with me. Yeah, I know what they say. God created the Earth, life and humanity in order to experience himself through us. Well, in that case, he’s very hardheaded. How many billions of souls need to suffer yet another life to that end? Which person in his right mind does such a thing?

Who’ll contradict me?
I mean, just think about it. What’s the point? Also, why do we always speak of ‘him’, ‘he’ and ‘his’? In the ancient and highly-developed civilizations, like Ancient Egypt, Atlantis and Lemuria, they believed in both gods and goddesses, several, actually. Do you know what I think? I think it’s beyond the comprehension of our 3D brains, and therefore we make believe in an attempt to understand. As if we could grasp, only slightly, the absolute truth. There you go, now even my philosophy at the beginning of this blog is plausible. Who’ll contradict me? Who can prove, that at this moment, there aren’t two little boys playing marbles with our Cosmos?

I don’t believe a word of it
Let me generalize for a bit. We believe everything we are fed on TV: commercials, propaganda in the news, and sensationalized bullshit. What we read on the Internet and in books also, we simply believe to be true. So, why not my philosophy about that marble? Now, I thought that one up on the spot, and that’s exactly why I wonder what is actually true at all. Take channelling, for instance. In my view, there’s a lot of fuss about channelling, while it simply means you’re susceptible to information, ‘from above’ or from the Earth, from ‘the other side’ or from other people. The fuss is about you having to be in a deep trance to be able to receive such information. Nah, I don’t believe a word of it. Most of what I write, for example, has been channelled. I only need to tune into myself, for me to connect with above and below. Sound Healing too, is a channelling method, and sound healer Tom Kenyon, who is critical of channelling, wrote the book The Magdalen Manuscript together with Judi Sion by way of channelling. The great people in history, such as Jesus, Da Vinci, Fibonacci, Buddha, Ueshiba and Hermes Trismegistus most probably channelled too, yet I can’t imagine they needed trance to channel in a pure way.

Once we hold on to form, we lose all grasp of the essence.

Holding on to form
You know, I believe impurity doesn’t come into it due to the means, but due to our interpretation of the information we receive. What is purity? What is the absolute truth? What we take to be true is actually our own truth, and the purer we treat information, the nearer we get to the absolute truth. The World’s countless religions, religious beliefs and other beliefs didn’t get here by themselves. All of these consist of truth, and are derived from the Source. How can these be anything but relative truths? For, it’s human nature to give form to everything we observe on this fascinating and magnificent planet Earth. Except, once we hold on to form, we lose all grasp of the essence. The more we do this, the more distance we create between the essence and ourselves. In the meantime, we quarrel about what is true and what isn’t true, and about which ideas belong to whom. Huh, what (in God’s name) is this all about?

Know yourself and you know God – The Cathars

It starts with us
How then, do you keep the essence intact? Well, if you ask me, by getting to know yourself. That way, you will expand your self-consciousness, therefore allowing yourself to remember who you truly are. Essentially, we are all divine beings, souls who have manifested themselves in the human form, in order to create paradise on Earth together. Of course we do this through divine guidance, through Source guidance or guidance by whatever higher order, still, we do it by ourselves. It all starts with us. The Cathars, who were nearly exterminated in the 13th century A.D. because of their beliefs, said: ‘Know yourself and you know God’. They lived in abidance by the teachings of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, which, I believe, imply that we will regain our divine powers once we reunite the masculine and the feminine within us. And that goes for all of us.

Happiness, love and abundance
We are all divine, we are all spiritual, whether we are a factory worker or a young child who has never been in a place of worship, a criminal or a demented senior citizen. All we need to do to experience this, is to have faith in our having all it takes to manifest ourselves at the highest possible level in our lifetime here on Earth. And all from unconditional, all-encompassing love, for ourselves and our fellow human beings. So, make contact with yourself, live, love, feel – especially feel! – and let yourself be led by your higher self. Then you will manifest your true self. This is what I believe in. Oh, and before I forget, do you know why God doesn’t exist? Because She told me so the other day. ;-))

Oxygene – Jean Michel Jarre

Breaker Morant, End Scene

Popcorn – Jean Michel Jarre

Image: ‘Marbles’ by Diane Miller on Sxc.hu

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