When I'm gone

Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on saturday 6 june 2015

Key West Seascape by Winterdove

There was a time in my life when I wanted to end it all. Every day I was haunted by questions: ‘Shall I jump off this bridge at last?’, and ‘What if I hit the accelerator now and chuck the wheel round?’. Fortunately, something deep inside withheld me. Something urged me to carry on.

He raised his head once more, he took a deep breath and jumped upright. “I WANT TO LIVE ...!,” he shouted, and then again: “I WANT TO LIVE ...!,” He kept shouting: “I WANT TO LIVE ... I WANT TO LIVE ... I WANT TO LIVE ...!,” – Armand in De feeks van Montpézat

And when I’m gone, just carry on, don’t mourn. Rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice – Eminem

Now I embrace life, and everyone and everything dear to me.

Eminem – When I’m Gone

We are all damaged, and we all have it in us to heal ourselves.

No longer am I tormented by dark thoughts. Even though I know I was once damaged, I know too that I have it in me to heal myself. So, I go straight through the pain. Let it come, let me feel and release it all. This allows me to feel what I long for deep within. My soul’s desire.

But somewhere in a private place, she packs her bags for outer space. And now she’s waiting for the right kind of pilot to come – Savage Garden

Savage Garden – To The Moon & Back

I can handle things on my own, and don’t need anyone in order to live my life to the full. All I need is to feel. Feel and experience. Connect with myself. For, I am the One and the One is who I am. And in myself I will find the true love that I am. There I know no fear, no danger.

Road Blur by Ariel da Silva Parreira

Show me your soul, I gotta know, bet that you’re beautiful inside – David Guetta

David Guetta - Dangerous

“People do critically extreme things, jumping out of planes, climbing mountains ... um ... going in environments where they don’t get along naturally, like out in the ocean.”

What felt like fear at first, now feels as life’s challenge. The challenge to surf the waves of the One, and to let myself be guided by my soul’s deepest desire. I want to FEEL ... !!!

Epic Waves – Walls of Death

Like all surfers know they can’t control Earth Mother, I realize I can’t control my life. At the very best, I can lead my life. That’s why I let it all go and sense where the wind will take me.

Point Break – Skydiving Scene

I live in the moment, forget all restraints of time and space. From this, I know that it is in the moment that I create and manifest my own life. In the moment I am all, I am the One. I am here to create heaven in myself, to manifest paradise on Earth.

Of Man and Beast = The Free Solo Climbers

Whenever it feels as if life is getting on top of me, I go within and to the Earth. To silence. The calm deep within. That is where my firm belief in myself and in my dreams resides. There I find the unconditional love for myself.

Bon Jovi – Keep The Faith

With faith I create the life of my dreams. And, once I do this, I look in wonder at what my life has to offer. In amazement, I regard and experience the wonder of life. The wonder that I am.

Seal – Amazing

No matter where I roam, you can always get to me – Chris Rea

I am faithful to my soul, I am lead by my heart. Wherever I am, my heart will lead the way. Wherever I may go, true love will always find its way to me.

Chris Rea – I Can Hear Your Heart Beat

Clap along, if you feel like happiness is the truth – Pharell Williams

Now life is smiling at me, and I smile back with my most beautiful smile ever. My heart feels so good, so very happy.

Pharell Williams – Happy

I wake up every day with the thrill of knowing that, again, anything can happen. And at least once a day, I am moved to tears feeling grateful to be alive and loving, and experiencing myself profoundly. I live from the heart and get everything out of life that life has to offer, so later, people can say about me: “He lived from the heart.” Later, when I’m gone.

I am what is most important in my life. I stand here in the centre of the One and take great delight in the magnificent, loving and divine creation of myself. Through peace, calm and faith, I easily create happiness, love and abundance in my life.

Tavarua Dreaming Part 2

‘Key West Seascape’ by Winterdove on Sxc.hu
‘Road Blur’ by Ariel da Silva Parreira on Sxc.hu

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