Imagine your client becoming highly enthusiastic about what you’ve written, after reading only a few lines. Without thinking it over, she or he makes an appointment with you. Wouldn’t that be fantastic? Now I hear you thinking: How do I pull that off?” First of all, you need a copywriter.

Seducing your client’s emotions

A copywriter who knows how to convince your client of your added value. Now, you may think that’s difficult? No, not really, most professional copywriters know how to fashion their words to your client’s needs. Some of them take it one step further by seducing your client’s emotions – for that is on which 99% of all purchase decisions are based. Yes, there are a lot of handy word-artisans around. Still, there is an even simpler way.

Reach into your client’s heart

Welcome to ‘Copywriter needed’. From an early age I have a keen sense for what moves people. Nowadays, as a copywriter, I make genuine contact with your client and feel what he is sensitive to. Using a handful of subtle, powerful lines, I am able to reach into your client’s heart and get your message across. I work in the Netherlands, and write for the whole world, in both English and Dutch.

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Web copy

Maybe this rings a bell? There you were in the schoolyard eyeing up that girl or boy you fancied, asking yourself: How do I seduce you? I don’t know how you went about it, but I followed my gut feeling. For years now advertising agencies know that we are mostly led by our emotions and not so much by facts.

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Brand story writer

Clients and other people identify with what characterizes you. Usually without them being aware of it. It’s a matter of feeling. People feel your essence or the essence of your organization and make the connection. Everything that reminds them of this will create a reaction. It gets them to contact you, buy a product or service from you, or talk about you with other people or organizations.

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Writing coaching

So, you’re writing, but somehow, you can’t see the wood for the trees. You don’t feel inspired. Or you simply can’t find the right words to give meaning to what goes on inside you. Phew ... I guess this is tougher than you thought, eh? Are you starting to lose hope?

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Of course, I understand you need a copywriter. Still, wouldn’t you like to sample my work first? You would? Well, here are some samples for you. I repeat: samples, because, your text may look completely different, as I will write it made-to-measure.

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Oh, that’s fantastic! You’ve written your book, and you can’t wait to have it published. Now, the big question arises: “Who will publish it for me?”

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  • Wim Beunderman of Tekstschrijver Nodig is creative and is always willing to share his thoughts with us. For our website we needed some catchy slogans, and he definitely provided those. As a result, visitors to our website stay longer, because the text is attractive and interesting. Are you looking for a good copywriter? We can certainly recommend Tekstschrijver Nodig.
    Roy Markvoort – Markvoort Media
  • Were very happy with the restaurant descriptions for our happyz.com website and we thank Wim Beunderman for his pleasant and quick cooperation!
    Dirk Braam, Emma Blanchard, directors of Happzy
  • You knew exactly what our vision was after our first meeting. We are very satisfied with your work and with your way of doing business. Thanks Wim.
    Tim van Dellen and Riklis Karto – Private Lounging


“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow then,” Bianca said as she stood up and left the cafe terrace with a curt “goodbye”. “Bye,” Giulia replied blinking her eyes to hold back the tears. She watched her best friend walk down the street until she turned the corner at the other end of the square in the little Italian town where they both lived. Unable to enjoy the warm spring sun on her face, she looked back on the conversation that had ended only minutes ago. Why had they gotten so angry at each other, she asked herself. What had started as their weekly get-together, had turned into a quarrel over nothing, leaving both of them feeling hurt.

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And the wind whispered - Episode 11
Click here to read this story from the beginning! Episode 11 “Rrrrrruckakakakakakakah...!!!” That same morning Deborah awoke late to the laughing call of the kookaburras in the casuarina trees on the perimeter of the front yard. She smiled, blissfully unaware of the storm that had struck about half an hour ago. The raindrops on her half-open window and the musty smell coming from outside were the only clues of the heavy downpour that had pounded the warm ground. Deborah rubbed in her eyes, stretched for a bit and then rolled on to her side to look outside. She pondered over the dream she had had just before she woke up.

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And the wind whispered - Episode 10
Click here to read this story from the beginning! Episode 10 “Alan, are you still there, mate?” Dave Frankston asked when it had gone silent at the other end of the line. “Alan?” It took Ironbark a few moments to recover from hearing Dave’s full name. “Yes, I’m here, Dave,” Ironbark replied. “It’s been a while,” he continued, “I never thought we’d be in touch again.” “Well, we are, and I reckon you know why.” By this time, Ironbark’s memory was going full throttle and he had cottoned on quick enough as to why Dave had contacted him after all those years. “Yeah well, it’s funny, really, that you should phone me.” “Oh?” Dave exclaimed. “I was down at the National Archives the other day when you came to mind.” “So, you found out for yourself, eh?” “Hmm, yes, I did.”

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