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How do I seduce you?

Maybe this rings a bell? There you were in the schoolyard eyeing up that girl or boy you fancied, asking yourself: How do I seduce you? I don’t know how you went about it, but I followed my gut feeling. For years now advertising agencies know that we are mostly led by our emotions and not so much by facts.

The same goes for your website visitors.

Drive me crazy

Great, so your website attracts visitors, but how many of them contact you? How many potential clients read your web copy and think: Drive me crazy, why don’t you?! OK, so that was good for a laugh, but seriously, web copy has only one goal: seducing your visitors. For that you don’t have 15 minutes, but 15 SECONDS. So, it’s very important to keep it short and intense.

Shorten the distance

First of all, shorten the distance through a direct approach. Address your visitors with ‘you’ and talk more about them than about yourself. OK, now you’ve got their attention and it’s time to give them a quick peek. Ask yourself what your visitors find so attractive about you and translate this into keywords that appear regularly in your web copy. Use metaphors and ask questions. Then, divide your web copy into short text blocks and provide each one with an exciting headline that reappears in the text block. Write short sentences, avoid the passive voice and trim your web copy to 250 words per web page.’s it coming along? Not too well? Contact me and we’ll discuss how my web copy will seduce your clients.

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