We were best mates

Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on monday 3 april 2017

Best Mates

Once in a while, on days like this with that gentle autumn sun and the breeze caressing the leaves on the trees, I am overcome by a sense of melancholic longing. It is then that the chattering of a lone magpie takes me on a trip down memory lane, back to the late 70s in Canberra, Australia. Back to the days with my dog Rover.

We were best mates, Rover and I, and near inseparable. Every day we would enjoy each other’s company and often we went for long walks in the bushland only a stone’s throw away from our back yard. As we speak, I smile through tears of joy from remembering Rover’s enthusiasm. He was always sniffing as he made his way through the gum trees. That was when he wasn’t dashing through the tall grass or chasing a ball I’d thrown, only to brake just on time to prevent himself from crashing into the back yard fence. Speaking of which, he was a fantastic climber too. Oh you bet ya, many a time our next door neighbours would look up in amazement at seeing Rover hanging on to the fence top by his front paws.

All of a sudden now, I remember his big brown eyes that radiated loyalty. He was always there for me, even if I had been inattentive towards him or was in a bad mood. He loved me and the rest of the family unconditionally and displayed this in all sorts of ways. For instance, he would jump up to greet me when I came home from school on my bike. Looking back on this still puts me in stitches with laughter. And this is how I like to remember him best, because it reminds me of our bond. A spiritual and eternal bond that connects us still. For, now we are soul mates and every now and then, we go for a long walks together, in my imagination and beyond the limits of time and space.

George Benson Breezin

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