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Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on tuesday 20 august 2019

Heaven Is My Home by Leroy Skalstad

Bright light embraced Alfredo as he lay on the footpath in downtown Santiago de Chile. It made him blink and hold his hand up to shield his eyes. Then a calm and gentle voice sounded deep inside:

“There is no beginning, there is no end.”

Alfredo opened his eyes, and to his surprise the light actually felt very pleasant. A warm feeling filled his heart and radiated throughout his body, bringing a smile to his weathered and weary face. Then he pricked up his ears to the sound of children’s footsteps echoing in the distance. Just as he began to wonder where the sound was coming from, two young children appeared before him. A little girl and a little boy holding hands looked at him with the glow of love in their eyes. They could not have been much older than five, Alfredo guessed.

“My name is Maddie,” the little girl said with the sweetest of smiles on her face, “and this is Josh.”

“We are here to guide you back home,” Josh said as he smiled and held out his other hand to Alfredo.

Strangely enough, Alfredo was not in the least surprised by Josh’s words, or by the children’s apparition, for that matter. There was one thing that puzzled him, though. He was used to being ignored by people, but how come the passers-by paid no attention to the children either?

Drake Started From The Bottom

The setting winter sun splashed purple hues across the sky above Johannesburg’s inner city. The signal for peace loving people to hurry home. The members of the teenage gang knew why. Their leader smiled, flashing a pair of gold-filled front teeth and a brand new Walther PPK. At his command, his driver swerved the outdated luxury Mercedes towards the curb. Four doors flung open for the gang to pile out of the car, but something made them stop.

“Hi,” Josh spoke calmly with a radiant smile on his face.

Not one of the gang members responded. Instead, they stared open-mouthed at the sweet little girl and boy standing hand in hand by the car. All the fear-driven aggression and anger that had built up inside them melted instantaneously.

“We’ve come to help you find your way home,” Maddie added.

Sri Lanka by Jurgen Scheffler

In a near meditative state, Mandari methodically picked the tea leaves in the field near her village in Sri Lanka. With a hint of melancholy, she recalled her childhood days when she and the other children swam in the river on hot summer days. It seemed to her she had had little chance to enjoy being a child. Since her ninth birthday, she had accompanied her mother and her aunts to work in the fields every day but Sunday. There were hungry mouths to be fed and siblings to be clothed. That was far more important than going to school and learning things she would have no need of anyway. Instantly, her thoughts were halted by the sound of rustling leaves. She stopped picking and intuitively looked to her right to see the most angelic looking little faces she had ever laid eyes on.

“Don’t worry, lady. We are here to help you,” the little girl spoke, consolingly.

Mandari said nothing. The tears of joy that trickled down her cheeks spoke for her.

“Come with us,” the boy added. “We’re all going home, you know.”

Simple Minds Midnight Walking

Pedestrians by Brian Merril

Ishiro looked down from his high-rise office at the pedestrians hurrying from all directions across the streets of Osaka. They reminded him of the times when as a young boy he spent hours watching ants scurrying in and out of their nests. That was when he had realized how important it was for people to work together for the common good. Now he wondered how he had ended up working for one of the world’s richest banks. Every day, he was involved in transactions that did not bring people together, but drew them apart instead. It saddened him that people were over their heads in debt and that still he took part in robbing them and society of every penny they had.

The flow of thoughts came to a sudden halt by the gentle pitter-patter of children’s feet behind him on the marble floor. Tears welled up in his eyes as he turned around and came face to face with two sweet little children.

“It’s okay to cry, Mr. Your tears will cleanse you of your pain,” Josh said, almost matter-of-factly.

“Yes, we know you’re really a good boy at heart,” Maddie said as she placed her hand consolingly in Ishiro’s hand. “Everything will turn out fine.”

The sound of screeching brakes and squealing tyres, followed by that of shattering glass, burst through the early morning silence and froze all life for one moment. As the family in the car that had plummeted into the giant maple tree only seconds ago entered the twilight between life and death, an enormous globe of bright light generated outwards from the car and into the surrounding area. In this brief moment that felt like eternity, a calm and gentle voice sounded deep inside:

“There is no beginning, there is no end.”

British Columbia by James Wheeler

Afraid of what he would find, the motorcycle cop opened the car door and stared sadly at the two lifeless young children sitting on the back seat. He had been on the British Columbia police force for almost forty years now, and still incidents like these hit him hard. The sight of his innocent little nephew and niece stuck him like a knife to the heart. Right then, a gut-feeling made him look towards the mist-covered field some twenty paces to his right where, to his surprise, he saw Maddie and Josh standing hand in hand and smiling happily.

“Uncle Rick, Mummy and Daddy will survive. Please tell them we’re okay,” Maddie spoke softly.

“Where are you going?” the police officer asked.

“We’re on our way to heaven,” Josh replied, “and everyone in the whole wide world is coming with us.”

“Don’t worry,” Maddie added when she saw that Josh’s words brought a worried look to their uncle’s face. “You’re not going to die, because heaven is a place in our hearts. Heaven is our home.”

“And when we come home, we will be filled with love,” Josh said. “Love will help us to work miracles.”

“Yeah, that’s why we’re all going home,” Maddie explained excitedly. “So, we can all work miracles together and make the world a happy place.”

Tears of love poured over Rick’s face and into the corners of his smiling mouth.

“Are you alright, Ricky?” his young partner asked, sensing something unusual was going on.

Rick turned to face him and realized he was the only one who could see his niece and nephew standing in the field. He then looked back to see Maddie and Josh running away in the distance, still holding hands. Just before they disappeared over the horizon, they stopped, turned around one last time and waved to him. A tremendous feeling of joy surged from his heart through every vein in his body and brought the calmest of smiles to his face.

“We’re coming home,” he whispered.

John & Vangelis I’ll Find My Way Home


‘Heaven Is My Home’ by Leroy Skalstad on Freeimages

‘Sri Lanka’ by Jürgen Scheffler on Pixabay

‘Pedestrians’ by Brian Merril on Pixabay

‘British Columbia’ by James Wheeler on Pixabay

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