Video ‘The Art of Allowing’

The Art of Allowing

Inspiration is what we crave for constantly

Yet only few of us are inspired just like that

The rest of us look and look, think and think

While inspiration is staring us in the face all the time

Inspiration is all around us

In the rays of the afternoon sun caressing the bald winter treetops

Inspiration lies in the sounds of a summer morning beckoning me to get out of bed

You can sense inspiration in the changing of the seasons

Or simply in the gentle way the wind plays with your hair

That first cup of coffee in the early morning can be inspiring

So can a crackling fire on a deserted beach

Or watching your children playing sports

Inspiring is a young child’s sincere laugh

The beauty in a woman’s every movement

Tears of joy trickling down your face

Your autumn rain sodden shoes

Swallows high in the air

The taste of sea salt on your lips

Pebbles being shuffled along the riverbed

The freshness of spring raindrops on a bright green leaf

You can find inspiration in the way you iron your shirt

In the way you brush your teath

In how you put on your make-up in the morning or remove it at night

Or even in such a mundane task as cleaning the toilet

Inspiration lies in the sound of combine harvesters devouring fields of wheat under a purple sunset sky

And in the mellow street lights along your way home in the evening

All inspiration requires is an open mind

A wide open heart

A longing of the soul

Picture bubbles of inspiration flowing into your mind, mingling with your thoughts

Be patient

Inspiration will come to you naturally

You will know when it comes to you

As it will be with the greatest of ease

It is then that you will have mastered the Art of Allowing