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Ever since I was a kid at school, I knew everyone has the ability to write. Sure, some can write better than others, but then again, it depends on how you define ‘better’. In my experience, people are afraid to pick up the proverbial pen and put their story down in writing. I put it down to discouragement. At an early age, we are criticized for everything we say and do, including what we write.

3 Writing training courses

And, in the case of writing, it’s an over critical response to our comprehension of grammar that kills off many a great story before it stands a chance of making it into the big wide world. I’d like to change that. That’s why I’m offering three different writing training courses to help you shake off your fears and start writing again:

Writing Coaching

Workshop Write from the Heart

Kairos – 1-Day writing course

Do you want to learn how to write?

Take a look at the three writing training courses for more information and contact me and get started straight away. I look forward to reading your stories.

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