The Montpézat Hag

Copywriter needed The Montpezat Hag

In November 2012 the Dutch publisher, Uitgeverij Elikser, published my debut novel, ‘De feeks van Montpézat’. I am now working on the English edition, ‘The Montpézat Hag’ and expect to publish in the autumn of 2015. If you like, you can read the Dutch blurb here:


Alongside the love in Armand’s heart, grew anger. An anger that often took hold of his soul and took control over him. It was then that he would seclude himself and make for the mountains to the enormous gorge, the Verdon Canyon. There he would cry out in anger at the world, only nobody heard him. His voice was carried away by the wind that swept through the Canyon.

Armand has to live with the fact that his father was brutally murdered by someone unknown to him. His knowledge on the matter is vague and never quite within his grasp. His Uncle Alex, who was once his great protector, is also involved, but it is not clear as to what his role is. He finds consolation and support in the arms of his beloved Tamar. She is  widely feared , and yet, she is the only one who helps Armand to find his true self. In this thrilling story ridden with plots, it slowly becomes clear what moves and drives the main characters. And how they are in danger of being at the mercy of the power mongers who fought their battles in the past. In his debut novel, Wim Beunderman has proven to be a talented storyteller. He effortlessly grabs one’s attention and unravels an ingenious tale filled with passion and sorrow.

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