The first time ever

Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on monday 26 september 2016

Nature Up Close by Allisson Choppick

My heart still remembers well

How for the first time ever

I looked deep into your eyes

After you had given birth to me

And I felt your motherly warmth

I still sense the touch of your skin

As I did the first time ever

That you took me by the hand

When we walked down the stairs

To the station in the mining village

Even now I feel your pure love

When for the first time ever

I held your tiny newborn body

And wept for the joy that I felt

On that warm summer’s day

The scent of your baby skin

Still stirs my senses as it did

When for the first time ever

You fell asleep on my stomach

And I felt your tiny heart beating

Your luscious mouth on my mouth

When for the first time ever

We kissed passionately in your hall

Will always remain in my heart

Like your enchanting emerald eyes

And each day at the break of dawn

When the sun embraces the walls

And a slight breeze tugs at the curtains

Both feel like the first time ever

When I saw the light of life

Roberta Flack The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face


‘Nature Up Close’ by Allisson Choppick on

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