The best day of my life

Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on thursday 5 october 2017

Snowy Winter Night by ak girl

Many years ago, in a little mining town in the north, a newborn baby boy lay ill from pneumonia in his hospital cot. As the wind howled in the fjord outside, he gasped for air and longed for the loving warmth of his mother. Where was she? He felt her alright, even though she was not near, in the same way he could hear the comforting resonance of his father’s voice. Why then, could he not decide whether to live or die?

Johann Sebastian Bach Air

Breathe in, little one

Breathe deeply

Let life’s air fill your lungs

Feel love’s energy surge through your veins

Breathe in

If it was the voice deep inside that caused him to choose life, we will never know, but the little boy breathed deeply. In and out he breathed, and after a few days he was discharged from hospital into the care of his loving mother and father. It felt good to be alive, he decided every morning as he awoke in the wicker laundry basket that served as a cot. I am glad I am here, he said to himself with a glowing feeling in his heart. When his mother saw him, she would smile with joy. He was a content little fellow, as she soon learned, easy to console and happy on his own as well as in the company of others.

The days went by, turning into years, and the boy grew with confidence. Somehow, he knew why he was here on this Earth, and yet, regularly, he was plagued by colds and bouts of the flu that caused a painful throat and made him cough. From this came a feeling of insecurity, a sense of powerlessness. Also, although he loved to run and play sports as much the other boys, he noticed his lungs had a lot to bear. But the boy went on. He fell, stood up and lived life just like everyone else. He accepted the colds he often had as a part of life.

It was not until he reached his late forties that he began to discover the deeper meaning. He became more and more aware of the events that preceded colds, sore throats and wheezy breathing. They always had something to do with being afraid to do what he wanted to do most. He would feel unconfident and hesitant, and end up believing there were no great things in store for him. It was a belief founded from fear. A fear of life itself.

However, when he became aware of this, he realized the many times he had experienced success and good fortune in his life. He had his fair share just like anyone else. The thing was, he needed to appreciate this more. So, he did. He lived life with more gratitude, more appreciation of the so-called little things in life. It helped. It filled him with a lust for life.

Swiss Mountain by G Schouten de Jel

Nowadays, he feels more deserving of goodness. He takes time to enjoy life more. To celebrate all the good that comes to him. His colds have become few and far between, as has the stuffy feeling in his lungs and throat. Every day finds him accompanied by a sense of purpose and with dreams in his heart. He feels a right to be here and to live life to the full, solely for himself. And if you were to ask him what the best day of his life was, he would take his time in answering. In his mind he would ask: When my sons were born? The day I met my sweetheart? Or...? Then he would most certainly stop wondering and answer with resolve:

“The day I was born.”

For, it was on the day he was born that he met love in her physical form: Life. And through life he got to know love a little better each day, with new dreams in his heart and a joyful smile on his face.

I am life

There is but one reason you are here

You are alive to know love

Listen, feel, see, smell, taste, live

And know you are loved


The Carpenters Top Of The World


‘Swiss Mountain’ by G Schouten de Jel on

‘Snowy Winter Night’ by Ak-girl on

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