Markvoort Media

Wim Beunderman of Tekstschrijver Nodig is creative and is always willing to share his thoughts with us. For our website we needed some catchy slogans, and he definitely provided those. As a result, visitors to our website stay longer, because the text is attractive and interesting. Are you looking for a good copywriter? We can certainly recommend Tekstschrijver Nodig.

Roy Markvoort – Markvoort Media

Antema Sieraden

Wim, I feel you have done exactly as I requested of you. You took into consideration my ideas and details, or indicated why, when it was better not to. I will certainly recommend you to other people. You are good at listening to questions, and provide concepts that can be adapted at will. You are open for ideas. You deliver promptly.

Ans Jaspers – Antema Sieraden

Private Lounging

You knew exactly what our vision was after our first meeting. We are very satisfied with your work and with your way of doing business. Thanks Wim.

Tim van Dellen en Riklis Karto – Private Lounging

Jouw Wijze

The way you make contact and ask questions, really appeals to me. That is why your text has the right essence. I now have clear text, in which I recognize myself. Which is good, because I aim to be recognized and understood with the help of your text.

Piet van Gijssel, Jouw Wijze

Jodh vormgeving

Wim has a great empathetic capacity, and has therefore put down in writing what we want to embody as a business. You have our compliments!

KOP11 Vormgeving

Wim is a pleasant person and an experience copywriter. The former quality makes me feel heard and understood. In combination with the latter quality, this can provide nothing less than good, comprehensible, high quality text.

Hilde Pruis, KOP11 Vormgeving


We’re very happy with the restaurant descriptions for our happyz.com website and we thank Wim Beunderman for his pleasant and quick cooperation!

Dirk Braam, Emma Blanchard, directors of Happzy


Wim is a very kind and professional person.

Ana Blaauw – Torres, DCImagine

Take A Unique Break

Yet another cup of coffee, my eyes focussed on that virtual piece of paper, looking for the right words for the website of my own “Take a unique break”...

It reminds me of writing poems in December (editor: Dutch Saint Nicholas poems); when you’re lucky to get into the flow and the words come to you just like that. Make them immortal straight away and put them to paper! But this time...no, not a sentence, not a word, not a letter enters my thoughts. But there happens to be something in a person who gets you thinking at such a moment. Something that has you wandering to the right website at the right moment and while not looking for anything in particular, has you meeting the right person; in this case Wim Beunderman!

A warm welcome and his heart in the right place, happy to help and with the ability to write in several styles. No, to put it precisely; seeing he adapts his text to his client’s wishes, to his client’s client’s wishes and his warmth and sensitivity, I have experienced him as a competent writer with a talent for listening. Attention to each minute detail, even his quote was wrapped in velvet. In his text Wim applies the tone of voice, the atmosphere that I was looking for, yet again that night, cup of coffee in hand behind that virtual piece of paper.

I’m so glad that that something brought me to him, as because of him my feelings, my “Take a unique break” has now been put to paper and that has contributed to my feeling that little bit extra proud of my hobby that got out of hand and became my work!

Thanks Wim! Thanks for our warm and pleasant contact via e-mail, on the phone and on paper!

Loving regards, Steffie Welters