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Put yourself in your clients’ place. What do they want to know about you? Do they want to read all the details on your product, the production process, how good your organization is or when it was founded? Nah, I don’t think so. Well then, what do they want to know instead?

Clients connect with you

Your clients want to hear a story. Your story about your solution to their problems. They want to connect with you and have a good feeling about you. How do you create such a feeling? With a story Storytelling.

Treated to a story that reaches deep within

For many copywriters and ghostwriters storytelling is the latest hype to participate in. For me storytelling is something that I have been doing from a very early age as a writer. As a copywriter I will tell your clients the story about you. I write from the heart, which means that I tune into you and your identity, and open myself up to the feelings and images that flood in. I turn these into a story that reads as if your clients imagine themselves inside a multi-dimensional movie. In this movie their senses are treated to an experience that reaches deep within.

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