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Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on monday 19 october 2015

The Light by Winterdove

‘Why didn’t I tell you?’ it sounded in his thoughts, and in his memories he again saw and felt how, he and his father used to hug in the past. In those days, they both expressed clearly what they felt for each other. Later on, when he was grown-up, it became less. Even though deep within, the fire of desire raged to tell his father how much he loved him and how thankful he was for him.

Mike & The Mechanics The Living Years

If there’s one important lesson I’ve learned over the years, it’s to show my feelings towards others. To speak my heart. For, I realize that every second could be my last. Also, I long to connect deeply with other people. Only, in the past, I wasn’t able to give in to this longing, from fear of feeling hurt or feeling rejected. ‘What if they don’t want me?’ I would then ask myself. Luckily, I expressed my feelings anyway.

People reacted differently. Some wanted absolutely nothing of it or didn’t know how to deal with it, others appeared not to be affected, but most were very receptive. Soon, I experienced that there was little needed to open people up. A smile, a compliment, a hug or even the slightest touch worked wonders.

Now, I also experience what it does to me. I feel so much joy and happiness. Also, I experience what it does to my heart. My heart feels like it’s swelling from a wonderful, warm feeling deep inside. This warmth spreads throughout my whole body, and sometimes I’m so touched, it brings tears to my eyes. And, do you know what the best part is? The more I speak my heart, the easier it gets and the longer I experience this wonderful feeling. Even at a distance in time or space I can feel another person.

Neil Diamond September Morn

Indoor Breeze by T. Al Nakib

Even now, I remember how we strolled along the beach, hand in hand, with a deep, peaceful feeling in our hearts. I still remember the sensation of your lips on mine. My skin still feels moist from your sweat, still tingles from your kisses. Everything reminds me of you. And now, now I still feel you, in the morning breeze gently caressing my face.

Seal Touch

Well, I admit, at first it took some courage to take on such a vulnerable approach and to open up completely, but this was nothing compared to what I received because of it. It reminds me of the name my girlfriend, Monique Mensink, suggested for our training: Heb Lef Heb Jezelf Lief (Have Courage Love Yourself). When she came up with the name, I knew straight away it was the right one. For, with a bit of courage, you will feel love, and love comes from within yourself. All the love you feel for others or for something, is nothing but pure self-love, and this comes form the heart. My youngest brother, Aart Beunderman, pointed out to me that the French word for ‘courage’, which is also ‘courage’, comes from the French word for ‘heart’: ‘coeur’.

Shrimp Boat Sunrise by Roger Kirby

So, it all begins in the heart. All you need, is to be present in your heart, for example by placing your hand on your heart and feeling, and you will feel love. When you feel this, your heart will tell you what to do or say. I say ‘do’, because what you do will come across more intensely than what you say. Your heart doesn’t need words in order to speak for you. Is there someone you want to express your feelings to? Think no more, wait no longer, just feel and speak your heart now.

Seal Loves Divine


‘The Light‘ by Winterdove on Sxc.hu
‘Indoor Breeze’ by T. Al Nakib on Sxc.hu

‘Shrimp Boat Sunrise’ by Roger Kirby on Sxc.hu

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  • Aart

    Geplaatst op dinsdag 20 oktober 2015 om 15:41 uur

    They say mathematics is the universal language...personally, I believe it's love, speaking from our hearts.

  • Wim

    Geplaatst op dinsdag 20 oktober 2015 om 16:06 uur

    Hey AJ,

    Thanks for your comment! And...I agree with you :-D

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