Our purpose is to shine

Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on friday 12 january 2018

Sunshine On The Bayou by Cheryl Empey

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Part 2 in the Helena Series

Still smiling, Helena walked over to the tiny oak sapling and knelt down beside it.

“Grandma,” she said again, only this time a little louder, “I’m so glad you’re still here.”

At the same moment, a breeze gently stroked her dark brown locks. To Helena it felt as if Grandma was talking to her by way of the wind. She smiled even more and took pleasure in the warm, glowing sensation she felt in her heart. Then, she stood up and walked slowly to the big oak that shaded the little oak from the heat of the afternoon sun.

There she stood with her feet slightly apart, placed her hands on the rough-barked trunk and closed her eyes. Before long, she began feeling the tree’s energy flowing in a constant circular motion. There appeared to be several streams of energy coming from above in the sky and below in the earth. These intertwined and made their way to every part of the oak. Feeling the powerful force of energy flowing through her fingertips into her body, Helena felt grounded and uplifted at the same time. It was such an invigorating experience, that she forgot all sense of time and space.

She was in harmony with the oak and with everything around her. After a quarter of an hour, Helena began to sense she was connected to a source of knowledge and wisdom that she could tap into. It made her feel deeply and unconditionally loved to be bestowed with such a gift, and she was grateful for it. The more gratitude she felt, the more information she received from the grand old oak. Soon, Helena began to sense a message coming through to her from the tree. She realized what Grandma meant by the oak being her tree. Not that the oak was at her disposal, it was a powerful and loving being that served the Earth and humankind.

Suddenly, Helena was distracted from her communication with the tree. In an instant, she opened her eyes, let go of the trunk and turned around to see a boy about her age standing some ten steps away from her. He remained there respectfully, as if he were waiting for permission to come closer.

“Hi,” she said with her warm and gentle voice, “my name’s Helena.”

“Hi Helena,” the boy replied smiling, “my name is Marlon, but they call me slugger.”

“Oh, and why is that?”

“Because of all the home runs I make playing baseball.”

This surprised Helena because she had not taken Marlon to be the competitive type. She thought he was an odd combination. His glasses and his high forehead suggested he was very intelligent, even scholarly maybe, but judging by his scruffy hand-me-downs she presumed his family might be poor. Then again, she was only guessing and so she made a mental note not to judge so quickly next time.

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“Well, you must be very good then,” she hastened to say. “Won’t you come and join me?” she invited holding out her hand to him.

Marlon walked over to Helena and laid his hand in hers. He then let Helena position him in front of the tree in the same way she had been standing before he distracted her. Helena then reassumed her position next to him. Without speaking they placed their hands on the tree trunk and closed their eyes. It did not take long before Marlon also began to feel the oak’s energy flowing.

“Whoa,” he sighed smiling, “this feels amazing.”

Helena did not respond. She simply smiled, knowing that Marlon could sense that the feeling of satisfaction was mutual.

The two of them were standing for a while when Marlon saw images of a little shack on the poor side of town with a young man standing by the road in front. The man walked away and as he waved his wife standing in the doorway goodbye, he said: ‘Don’t worry honey, things will get better soon. I promise.’ His wife gave him a melancholic smile. Marlon sensed she was grateful for her husband’s optimism and good cheer, and yet, he could not help feeling sad. A split second later, he saw the wife climb on to a chair and put the noose of a rope that was hanging from a rafter around her neck. The scene was interrupted by the image of a young boy lying in bed sobbing. Marlon shuddered.

Meanwhile, Helena saw how the world was changing. Fear turned into love, hatred into compassion and greed into generosity. People were happy and helping each other. The world was transforming into a beautiful place. Suddenly, she was interrupted by a flash of bright, white light. It was followed by a voice that sounded familiar, as if it came from a distant past. It was a woman’s gentle voice that whispered: ‘The more you shine, the sooner this will become reality.’ Instantly, Helena opened her eyes and Marlon, who sensed this, followed suit.

“Amazing, isn’t it?” Helena asked.

“Yeah, this old oak was telling me a story,” Marlon replied. “Not a very pleasant one, though,” he added glumly.

“Come, let’s take a stroll to the bayou,” Helena suggested smiling as she held out her hand again.

Together they walked away from the magnificent old live oak in the direction of the bayou. Helena tuned into what Marlon was thinking.

“Your momma died when you were only little, didn’t she?”

Marlon did not reply. He simply nodded and then stared at the dirt track they were walking along, trying not to give in to his tears.

“It’s OK to cry, you know. Especially when you’ve lost someone who was so dear to you.”

Still Marlon said nothing. However, by the tears rolling down his cheeks, Helena could see he was taking her advice. She held his hand a little tighter, stopped walking and leaned over to kiss him on his forehead. Marlon smiled through his tears, flashing his beautiful white teeth.

Suddenly, they both looked up to see a bright flash of light across the sky above the bayou. They remained standing hand in hand and did not move an inch. They calmly took in what had just taken place as if it were meant to be. As if they had been expecting it. Then, they turned to each other and looked deep into each other’s eyes. They smiled knowingly and it was Marlon who expressed what they were both feeling:

“Our purpose is to shine.”

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‘Sunshine On The Bayou‘ by Cheryl Empey on Freeimages.com

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