Only love can drive out hate

Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on monday 10 september 2018

Sun Rays by Robert Michie

Sunlight burst through the enormous windows and flooded the church where the young boy’s father preached. The boy stood there, unable to move, and gazed up in awe to where the light entered. It was then that he understood that in the same way light now reached into the darkest corners of the church, so would light reach into the darkest of hearts.

In one brief instant, everything came together and showed him what he had known deep down from the moment the light of life had greeted his eyes for the very first time. Now he knew that nothing in life came about merely by coincidence. Everything and everyone had a reason, a higher purpose. He too had such a purpose. In the greater plan it was written that he was to convey to the world the message of unification.

The boy smiled with tears in his eyes, as in his heart he felt the greatness of his destiny. At the same time, he felt a hint of uncertainty creeping up on him, until a warm and comforting voice whispered:

“Do not fear, Martin, for you listen to the highest authority only: love. Feel in your heart and let yourself be led by love.”

Martin nodded in recognition and placed both hands on his heart.

“I can do that,” he answered as he regained his confidence.

“Yes, we know you can,” the voice continued. “You may encounter resistance in one form or another, within and without, but remember this always.”

Martin listened closely while he felt his heart swelling in his chest.

“May all your actions come from love, and you will fulfil your destiny.”

Martin let the message sink in and then spoke words that were not his own, but were meant to be spoken by him to millions of people in the near future.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.”

From that day on, Martin continued to have visions. They came to him in his dreams at night, and always showed him the same thing. One day, people from all corners of the world regardless of their skin colour, beliefs, cultural background, gender or nationality would come together as one.

‘I Have a Dream’ speech by Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin grew up to become a just, loving and compassionate man. His recurring dream spurred him on to live up to his life purpose. And so, he set out to propagate change. He addressed audiences of thousands of people and told them about his dream, about his vision of freedom for all and the unification of humankind.

From this came a movement of change. This movement grew and grew. People from all walks of life joined in droves, and together they spread a message of freedom, love and unity. Martin still remembered what had been revealed to him all those years ago in his vision. Despite the fierce resistance he encountered from the dark corners of society, he continued to focus on love. He knew full well that the material world was a reflection of the spiritual world. That what he experienced in himself was reflected in the world around him.

So, he remained faithful to his destiny and trusted in love to drive out any negative feelings and thoughts he encountered along the way. Before long, he began to witness the effects of love on people and on public opinion. More and more, he and everyone with him felt the change that was taking place. People from all over the world began to feel it and joined the movement of love.

However, out of fear, other people responded with hate. Subconsciously, they believed that the change taking place was threatening their existence and the power they held over others. So, they spread hate and incited others to follow suit. Despite Martin’s and his following’s efforts, hate reared its ugly head and poisoned all it laid eyes on. It accumulated and the actions it brought about culminated in Martin’s murder on the 4th of April 1968.

Robert F. Kennedy Announcing the Death of Martin Luther King

Heart Shaped Hands by Robert van den Berg

On the day of Martin’s funeral, Martin’s spirit returned to the same spot he had stood as a young boy. Only, this time it was his light that lit the church. Again, the voice spoke to him.
“You have done us proud, dear Martin.”

Martin smiled by way of answer.

“Do you now see that you have fulfilled your destiny?” the voice asked.

“Yes, I do,” Martin replied, “and I am grateful for it.”

Although, Martin saw no face, he could feel he was being smiled upon.

“What have you learned from this?”

“Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

We may be tempted to believe that the end of such a great man’s life resulted in the termination of the change he had brought about during his lifetime. Yet, the movement of change that Martin Luther King led is still very much alive and growing as we speak. His movement is one of non-resistance and non-violence, which means that it may appear that every time love is dealt a vicious blow, hate is winning the war, so to speak.

However, the light of love is gaining ground. And, once love finds its way in people’s hearts, there is nothing hate can do to stop it. When we feel distraught and are in need of guidance, we only need to remember the inevitable. Love will conquer all and will bring each and every one of us together as one.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Martin Luther King



‘Sun Rays’ by Robert Michie on

‘Heart-Shaped Hands’‘ by Johan van den Berg on

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