Oh Mother Moon

Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on wednesday 14 may 2014

A peek at my book of short stories

Photo: ‘Falmouth Cornwall 2’ by Alice Symonds on Sxc.hu

...Then, as night fell, Glewyas (Cornish: ‘the bright one’) walked across the beach to the other cove, where his nets still lay as he had left them, and headed for home. There he would decide for himself between taking leave of his family and his life on the land, and taking off with his beloved morvoren (Cornish: mermaid).

Meanwhile Morwenna (Cornish: ‘holy sea’) sat on the rocks and anxiously beat her tail on the firm sea-soaked sand. She had seen the look in Glewyas’s eyes and knew full well what he was going through. She dared not think of the possibility he might stay here on the land, in his village. Then she glanced towards the place she knew the moon would soon appear, and there she was; Mother Moon. Now Morwenna’s heart pounded. Although she was certain of the unconditional nature of her love, her longing for Glewyas ran deep as the ocean she called her home. Seconds, minutes flew by and Morwenna near gave up all hope of Glewyas’s return. She began to pray: "Oh Mother Moon please, this time let my happiness prevail?" and she stole a glance at the cove. There was no sign of him. She swallowed and felt apprehensive to the first tear that appeared in the corner of her eye. "He’s not coming back to me," she sniffed as she looked up woefully at the stars for a hint of compassion...

Book of short stories
Well, that was a quick peek at my book of short stories. This story is about a fisherman in Cornwall who meets his love from a past life, a mermaid, and is called Under the moonlit sky. I expect to publish the book, which is called Oh Wind, do not call my name, at the end of 2015.

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Ocean of Calm – Tom Kenyon

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