Ode to self-denial

Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on wednesday 4 february 2015

Field At Sunset by Andreas Krappweis

Self-denial is probably the cruellest pain we can inflict upon ourselves. And although it is born of ignorance, there will come a day in our lives upon which we are granted the opportunity to emerge from the shadows of our soul and rise up in the light of our highest calling. I too have experienced the trials of self-denial, and I too have suffered and risen above it all. Therefore, witness my story of self-denial in this here sonnet.

‘twas a lonely place, yet I swear the only place
And it was what I knew, what I felt deep inside
Guilt and shame were written all over my face
For in the shadows my soul had nowhere to hide

How was I to know, how was I to understand?
That this life had been given to me, was my own
That the black of night covering my spirit’s land
Was but the reflection of the crops I had sown

Even so, I thrust myself into the depths of agony
Into a heart-rending story filled with self-denial
Days passed, seemingly endless and oh so lonely
Until the moment came that I put myself on trial

Right then I presented to myself the toll of years
And the light of self-love shone through my tears

Denial – New Order

Image: ‘Field at Sunset’ by Andreas Krappweis  on Sxc.hu

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