My Treasure

Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on tuesday 17 november 2015

Sunrise Trees by Wynand van Niekerk

Unrest in the world, unrest all around me, unrest in my heart. Situations, things, people turning my world upside down. All of this created by myself. Through my beliefs, my thoughts and my reoccurring drama. They push me under, they ravish my sense of well-being. Their pitch-black thunderclouds cast my world into darkness. Uncertain and utterly unworthy is how I feel.

Storm by Yvonne Stepanow

At the same time, deep in my heart, I am aware of the illusion. Of the play my soul is performing to make clear who I really am. Love. Still, at those dark, restless moments, she feels out of reach. And so, I rage like a furious storm. Step by step, I walk upon this Earth, of whom I know she holds a treasure for me. Somewhere. At the end of the rainbow.

Simple Minds This Earth That You Walk Upon

Then she appears before me

Suddenly, she is present deep within

Intense and of the purest light

The realization of love herself

She speaks truthfully from her heart

Opens herself completely to receive me

In her arms, against her warm bosom

In that safe place in her heart

I feel her heart beating

It reassures me

Sends me back, deep within

Lets me feel who I am

The tide has turned

I have sailed back home

Safe in the port of self-confidence

Deep in my heart

Thanks to her

I see the light again

She opens my heart

My Treasure

Simple Minds Shes A River

Each time that I have felt pain, that I have lost myself, my heart opens even further. This is how I find myself again. How I learn to love myself even more. Having faith from self-love is my nature. My driving force and courage. My safe haven on stormy shores.

Rainbow Beach by Brett Nutter

The Sun rises and sets. The Moon appears every night. Even when I can’t see her, I know she is there. My Treasure. She is like the eternal sea whose waves roll playfully onto the beach, forever and ever. The Sun shines. A reflection in the sand. Of myself. Not at the end of the rainbow, but deep inside of me. That is where my Treasure is to be found.

Simple Minds Let There Be Love


‘Sunrise Trees’ by Wynand van Niekerk on

‘Storm’ by Yvonne Stepanow on

‘Rainbow Beach’ by Brett Nutter on

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