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Say you want to share knowledge, increase your brand awareness or have people talk about you on the Internet. Or your financial means are limited and you want to attract prospects’ attention. How would you go about it?

Inspired by what you have to say

The answer is Content Marketing. What’s that? Content Marketing is when you create and share media or other publishable content on the Web. For example in a newsletter, on a blog, website or other web page, or on Social Media like a Facebook page. Now you may be wondering what good this will do. Well, it’s very simple really. People just love a good story, they love it when you share knowledge, experience and views with them. Especially when a theme that they are really interested in is involved. The effect of your Content Marketing is that you will create a network of people that become inspired by what you have to say.

Spread your story on the Web

These people could well become an ambassador to your organization. So, every time you blog, tweet or bring a newsletter online, you will raise your chances of being the topic of conversation. And that is where the power of Content Marketing lies. Before you know it you’ll be on the phone with a complete stranger who has eyes for what you have to offer. All because you are prepared to share information. Would you like to use Content Marketing to win your clients’ hearts? Contact me and we can discuss how to tell your story on the Web.

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