Luna and the white she-wolf

Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on wednesday 7 march 2018

Wolf by John Mason

A story on International Women’s Day 2018 about the power of the feminine

As long as Luna could remember, her mother had been consumed by grief. She knew what caused this, even though her mother never talked about it. Two years ago, when Luna was barely three years old, her father had returned from the civil war. Vividly, she remembered the men of her village in the mountains bringing him home safely. She also remembered her mother screeching when she saw how the regime’s cruelty had traumatized her husband.

Luna had seen it coming in her dreams. She underwent her father’s transformation without feeling any emotions and with a strong feeling of love. This is how she dealt with all the events in her life. And that is why some of the villagers called her highly gifted or highly sensitive. She herself did not have any thoughts on this. She knew there was more to life than her mother’s miserable grief. She had been aware of this from her very first moment of consciousness. It meant that she accepted things as they were without judgement or comparison, and acted compassionately.

In the same way, she dealt with the situation her father was in, sitting in his old chair every day staring aimlessly. Every evening, when her mother came home from her cleaning job in the baroness’s house and cried as she prepared the meagre evening meal, Luna stopped carrying out her household chores, sat down beside her father and laid her hand in his. What her mother did not notice because of her grief was the improvement that Luna brought about in her husband. He would slightly raise the right-hand corner of his mouth, and for a moment Luna would imagine him preparing to smile like he used to, full of life and without hesitation. However, the smile never came.

Poppies On A Field by Stephanie Berghaeuser

Early one summer morning, Luna strolled through the meadow to pick some flowers when her curiosity was aroused by a little bee that began circling around her head. It was not the busy little bee’s buzzing that drew her attention but its shiny little wings. When she took a closer look, she noticed the bee’s colour. Instead of having the yellow stripes she was used to seeing on bees, the bee was completely white. It made Luna forget what she had come for and follow the bee to the nearby forest.

When Luna arrived at the forest, her mouth opened in surprise. On the oak leaves, in between the clover and everywhere that Luna looked, little shiny, white bees were buzzing. Where did all these bees come from, the young girl wondered. At the same moment, the bees grouped around her. Then she understood what the little creatures wanted from her. She began to get worried until the bees opened the circle around her and began flying away from her in a long thread. Luna raised her eyebrows when the first bee returned, buzzed around her and then joined his fellow bees.

The bees went into the forest and Luna decided to follow them. After walking for about a quarter of an hour, they were already deep in the forest. Young Luna had never been that far away from home before and it made her feel uneasy, until, from the corner of her eyes, she noticed a she-wolf to the left of her. Luna saw straight away that this was no ordinary she-wolf. Her fur was pure white and she had bright blue eyes. Those eyes looked very calm. Luna stood still and looked at her. The she-wolf blinked her eyes as if to indicate to Luna that it would be wise of her to follow the bees. Luna smiled feeling reassured and again followed the bees deeper into the forest. It was then that she noticed that the deeper they went, the lighter it became. “Hmm, that’s strange,” she said to herself and just when she was wondering what was causing the light to become brighter and brighter, the bees led her to a clearing in the forest.

Mysterious Forest by Jos van Galen

Again, Luna’s mouth opened in surprise. An enormous pulsating orb of white light stopped her in her tracks. Not only its light but also its vibration appeared to draw her closer. Strangely enough, Luna allowed it to. Her breathing seemed to adjust to the vibration. It made Luna feel calm and just as she began to forget what was going on around her and became absorbed by the orb, a figure stepped forward from the light. It was a woman in a long white robe, with ash-blonde hair and bright blue eyes, and she reached her hand out to Luna.

“Come, dear Luna,” the woman beckoned in a warm, motherly tone. “My name is Blanca and I have been waiting for you for a long time.”

Luna raised an eyebrow. “Waiting,” she repeated whispering.

“Come, sweet one,” Blanca said again, reaching out her other hand to Luna. Luna felt her heart swelling. She smiled and walked slowly and confidently towards the mysterious woman.

She reached her after some twenty paces and placed her hands in Blanca’s hands. Immediately, Luna was filled with a pleasant glowing sensation that made her close her eyes.

“Luna, daughter of the moon, meet your destiny,” Blanca said.

Luna listened closely while she felt the powerful warmth making her feel lighter.
“Embrace your powerful heritage, embrace the energy of love and pass it on.”

Luna silently absorbed the words. Somehow she knew that she was meant to be standing here with her hands placed in the hands of a woman whom she barely knew. A wise sorceress who would give her the power to drastically and positively change the lives of so many people.

After Blanca had spoken, she slowly let go of Luna’s hands, gently placed her hands on Luna’s shoulders and softly kissed her on her forehead. This made Luna open her eyes.

“Go, my child. Go and know of the wondrous gift you have. Use it wisely and lovingly, and nothing but good will manifest itself in the world.”

“But how do I know when I am using it wisely?” Luna asked, feeling uncertain.

“You need not worry about that, my lovely,” Blanca spoke reassuringly. “You only need to behave like you always do.”

Luna looked at her questioningly.
“Open your heart and spread love,” Blanca replied.

Young Luna nodded as if to show she understood. Blanca smiled lovingly.

“My time is coming to an end, Luna, yours has only just begun. You are a worthy successor. Now go.”

The little girl obeyed. Feeling a bit sad, she looked at Blanca one last time, turned around and walked away.

It was not until she had been walking for a while, that Luna noticed how light and powerful her steps were. She seemed to be moving effortlessly while her breathing and pulse remained calm. As she walked, Luna looked around and noticed how clear everything looked. It made her think about Blanca’s words: ‘Embrace the energy of love and pass it on.’ Everything in her meeting with Blanca fell into place. Luna sighed happily and hurried home with a sense of expectation.

When she came home, her mother was just about to leave for work.

“Luna, sweetheart, what kept you so long?” her mother spoke as she embraced her daughter with great relief.

Then she stepped back straight away. She stood without moving before her daughter, unable to utter a single word. At first, Luna did not understand her mother’s behaviour, but when she observed the warmth she was radiating, it dawned on her that her relationship with her mother had changed forever. Her mother smiled more beautifully than Luna had ever seen her smile before, and she and her mother began to generate a powerful vibration from heart to heart. At the same moment, Luna’s father walked into the room with a lively pace, smiling in the way Luna and her mother had seen him do before the civil war. Luna opened her arms and embraced her parents with a powerful, white light. The light filled them with warmth; it filled the whole room with warmth and Luna’s mother’s eyes with glistening tears of joy. All three of them knew that from that moment on their lives would never be the same.

The Call by Mario Alberto Magallanes Trejo

A week later, Luna was walking along the edge of the forest. Suddenly, she stood still when she looked aside and saw an old, white she-wolf lying motionless a few paces away from her. Luna knew straight away that it was Blanca. With mixed feelings she kneeled beside her dead spirit mother and gently stroked over her eyelids to close her eyes. At that same moment, she was thrown backwards by a blinding flash of white light. Luna wanted to look at Blanca again, but in the spot where the she-wolf had lain, there was now a white crystal. Luna knew the spell had been cast. She was the white sorceress now ands he would continue Blanca’s work. Her heart began to swell as she picked up the crystal and walked light-footedly to her house to bid her parents farewell. A smile appeared on her face. She knew her parents would understand and that felt good. From now on, there would be nothing but love in the world.

David Guetta & Kelly Rowland When Love Takes Over


‘Wolf’ by John Mason on

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