In love I am never alone

Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on tuesday 15 september 2015

Preserve III by Winterdove

Once it was different

For years and years

When my heart leaked

I needed to give love

I presumed

To receive love

It was never enough

What I gave

And what I got

For I was not enough

Not good enough

I did not deserve love

No matter how much I gave

I never had enough

My heart never filled

Was underfed

I was starving

For love I longed

As time passed, I was scarred

My thin body

My hungry heart

Always lacking

People were missing the mark

Reflected my unworthiness

Disillusioned and yet longing

Expectant towards others

The outside world let me down

This I believed for so long

Until I journeyed within

Deep in my core

There I found the true source

Of love

In my heart she nestles

Without expectation


Always at my beckoning

Now I feel it less

No longer poor and needy

Overflowing with love

Such prosperity

No longer do I feel rejected

Or unworthy of love

Love is deep within me

She is what I truly am

Love is omnipresent

In love I am never alone

I am worthy of her

The love that I am

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Image: ‘Preserve III’ by Winterdove on

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