I love a good cry now and then

Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on tuesday 3 february 2015

Be honest, when was the last time you cried? Or does this question make you feel uncomfortable? OK, shall I go first then? I cry at least once a week, usually more though.

I bottled it all up inside
It hasn’t always been that way. Sure, when I was young, then I found it very hard not to cry when I felt sad, angry or frustrated. Unfortunately, when I was about ten years old, I taught myself to keep all of my emotions inside. All around me – at home, school, swimming and baseball – others felt uncomfortable when people expressed their feelings. Expressing my emotions meant not connecting. So, in order to be ‘one of them’ I too bottled it all up inside.

Direct their anger at others
Which was a pity, really, because now I know that sooner or later restrained emotions will come out. In most cases later and with painful consequences. Aggression, depression, stress and so on, are all the product of restrained feelings and emotions. I believe it was in the film Gigli that Jennifer Lopez expressed towards Ben Affleck how appalled she was about the fact that men refuse to cry and therefore direct their anger at others.

An imbalance in your body
I too find it appalling. Still, even more appalling is the damage you inflict on yourself when you don’t express your emotions. “Everything is energy, and so are your emotions,” a good friend of mine, Elles Runia often says. And not letting your emotions go will cause energy build-ups in your body. The energy will become less fluid; it becomes more solid and will start to fasten. This causes an imbalance in your body, and its self-healing power will decrease.

The true cause lies deep beneath the surface
The consequences? Physical and mental problems and ailments, stress and illness ravage your body until you listen to the message concealed within. Actually, our body reveals exactly how we are doing, except for a very long time now, we have forgotten to listen to our body. Therefore, we don’t understand, for instance, what a heavy throat cold can mean. Of course, the physical cause is a virus or a bacterium, yet the true cause lies deep beneath the surface. Suppressed emotions or not having the courage to express oneself, for example.

Solve and transform
Yeah, my whole life I’ve suffered from colds, and I haven’t had a cold for a year now. That’s with the exception of a short spell of hay fever. This doesn’t mean I will never have a cold again, by the way. Sometimes an energetic cleansing takes place in the form of a cold. Anyway, it’s interesting to find out what caused it, and that’s exactly what I do when I feel ill in any way. What with? With EFT. EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques is a very simple and effective method to get rid of all sorts of complaints. Elles taught it to me and she herself has used EFT to rid herself of depression, stress and even a chronic bowel disorder. But what I like most about EFT, is that it helps you to solve and transform practically everything.

There is always sunshine after rain
So EFT, but the best part is you can process everything straight away. Are you angry? Are you feeling sad or lonely? Or aren’t you sure about anything anymore and do you feel tears coming? Get it all out en let the tears flow. What a relief, eh? There is always sunshine after rain. The same goes for you. After a good cry, a smile will appear on your face to catch the tears. Oh, I love a good cry now and then!

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