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Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on tuesday 11 december 2018

Black Panther by Ian Lindsay

Kindle your inner power

From the very beginning, I followed the Way of Love with them, Yeshua and Magdalena. Together with her, I stood by him as he hung on the cross. And afterwards, I sailed with her to the shores of the Languedoc to spread his teachings from the Book of Love. I am here to guide those in need of healing, so they may rediscover their inner power and reawaken.

From: The Story of the Black Madonna

Tears of joy flowed over Sarah’s face when her newborn baby boy, wrapped in a warm blanket, was placed in her arms. She took a deep breath and inhaled his scent. The scent of new life and purity. For a few moments, she was able to forget her life of destitution and loneliness. All that mattered to her now was her son. A strong and healthy boy to whom no gift could compare. Filled with gratitude, she closed her eyes and let her weary body rest.

Youssou N’Dour 7 Seconds ft. Neneh Cherry

The next morning cast Sarah back into reality. The volunteer shelter where she had given birth to Joshua had been closed by the police and now, as weak as she was, she was forced to live on the streets. Since Sarah had arrived here from her village in the country, she had experienced nothing but hardship. Her future looked bleak. Still, as she exerted herself with every step through the busy streets of the inner city, she reminded herself of the lesson her parents had instilled in her. She was to always remain proud, whatever the circumstances, and never give people a glimpse of what really went on inside her.

And so, Sarah forced back her tears of desperation and tried not to notice the scrutinizing gazes of passers-by as she breastfed her baby son while on the move. After an hour of wandering aimlessly, she could no longer ignore the pain in her legs. With tears in her eyes, she sat herself down on the steps of a small church and rested a while. Suddenly she was startled by a voice. The gentle voice of a woman that whispered:

“Sweet Sarah, come to me.”

Strangely enough, it felt as if Sarah recognized the voice from a distant past.

“Where are you?” she asked.

“In here, my daughter,” the voice beckoned, and at the same time, the church door behind Sarah was thrust open by a gust of wind.

Sculpture by Couleur

Samuel Barber Agnus Dei

Sarah turned around and her mouth fell open in awe. She hesitated for a moment. Then she felt herself being drawn inside. Slowly but steadily, she walked along the right hand aisle until she arrived at an alcove in which a statue of Jesus towered before her. Suddenly, a hand seemingly came out of nowhere and slid into hers. It did not frighten her. Instead, it made her turn so that she stood face to face with the apparition of a magnificent young lady with beautiful dark brown skin and wearing robes like those worn hundreds of years ago. The warmth of her hand stirred something inside that she had never felt before.

“Who are you?” she asked without hesitating.

“My name is Sister Sarah, and I also go by the name of Black Madonna,” the lady answered, smiling warmly. I have come to remind you of who you really are.”

On hearing these words, Sarah arched her eyebrows and listened eagerly.

“You are love, and love is the power of creation. Remember this whenever you feel helpless and afraid. Know that you possess the power to create whatever it is that your spirit desires.”

As Sarah listened, she felt the stirring again, only this time it was more powerful. It grew and spread throughout her whole body. Tears came to her eyes, now she understood what Sister Sarah meant.

“You can feel it, can you not?” Sister Sarah asked.

“Yes, I can,” Sarah replied, smiling.

“It is your own power that you feel. A fire deep within that I merely kindled.”

Sarah nodded. It felt as if she was being reminded of knowledge that was given to her long ago and that she had not realized up until now.

“Thank you, Sister Sarah,” she sighed.

“Be strong, sister,” Sister Sara answered.

She then leaned forward, gently held Sarah’s face in her hands and kissed her tenderly on her forehead. Sarah felt the love pour in and cried unabashedly with a radiant smile on her face. Then, without warning, Sister Sarah transformed into a large black panther and slipped away into the shadows.

2Pac Dear Mama

Brothers by Gabriel Ebro

With his arm still around his little brother’s shoulder, Joshua took his turn in speaking his last and tear-drenched words to his deceased mother who lay in the freshly dug grave before them. All eyes were on him. Proud, respectful eyes that belonged to his neighbours. They had known Joshua’s mother when she had arrived with her baby son at the township looking for a place to stay. They had taken her in and watched in admiration how she built up a new life for herself and her two boys: Joshua and Daniel.

“Dear mama, I know it wasn’t easy for you, raising Daniel and me all on your own. And I was often very hard on you. For this I am truly sorry. You are in a better place now, of that I’m sure. One day we will be reunited. Until then, please know that I love you and that I will do my best to make you feel proud.”

That evening, Joshua sat on the hillock just outside the township and watched the setting sun colour the sky bright orange. He needed some time alone to ponder on the events of the past few days. The police had raided the township in search of a drug dealer. Fearing for her sons’ lives, Sarah had run home to her shack. She was shot in the crossfire, and within moments, she bled to death out in the road. At first, Joshua had been furious, now he grieved. He looked to the horizon and wondered how he was going to make ends meet now that he only had his own earnings. For one brief moment, he wished he had never been born.

Smile by Jessica

That night, Sarah came to her son in his dreams.

“Joshua, my firstborn, do not worry.”

Joshua looked at his mother with a glowing feeling in his heart.

“You are way stronger than you think,” Sarah continued with a loving smile on her face. I too encountered hardship when I was your age. Just when I thought I wasn’t going to make it, I was reminded of the great power that lies within. You also have this power and it is yours to create your own life with.”

“Yes, mama, I can feel it,” Joshua replied as he laid his hand on his heart.

“I love you and I am proud of you, my son,” Sarah spoke, reaching out to him.

Joshua responded by holding out his hand. Then his mother placed an orange into his hand.

“Happiness and prosperity await you, Joshua. It is up to you whether you welcome them.”

Joshua smiled a radiant smile and then his mother disappeared.

I guarantee that the seed you plant in love, no matter how small, will grow into a mighty tree of refuge. We all want a future for ourselves and we must now care enough to create, nurture and secure a future for our children. Afeni Shakur, modern-day Black Madonna and the mother of rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur

Many years later, Joshua was running a cycle courier service, together with Daniel. Early one morning, while he was cycling along the dirt track on the outskirts of the township, he noticed from the corner of his eye, a flash of movement in the sun-scorched scrub beneath the acacia trees. For a moment, he considered stopping to take a look, but his mind was set on making the delivery. So, he continued cycling until, all of a sudden, a black panther materialized in front of him and halted him in his tracks. His eyes met those of the panther and he was filled with a sense of recognition.
“Mama,” he sighed with his voice filled with love.

The panther did not speak, but blinked its amber coloured eyes by way of reply. Then, as quickly as it had appeared, it vanished into thin air. Joshua smiled and got back on to his bike. As he cycled away, he could have sworn he heard the warm summer breeze whisper:

“Hold on, be strong ...”

2Pac Everyday Struggle (Hold On Be Strong)


Black panther: lunar power, the feminine, inner power, healing of old wounds, reawakening, resurrection, Jesus, the Black Madonna

Sarah: princess

Orange fruit: prosperity, happiness, good fortune


‘Black Panther’ by Ian Lindsay on Pixabay.com

‘Sculpture’ by Couleur on Pixabay.com

‘Brothers’ by Gabriel Ebro on Pixabay.com

‘Smile’ by Jessica on Pixabay.com

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