Here I stand

Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on tuesday 21 april 2015

Pensive Homeless Portraiture II by Leroy Skalstad

Here I stand
My feet firmly grounded in the Earth
My Head carried by the Heavens of True Love

My Body – My Soul – My Heart
Are of the Earth
Are of the Heavens

A Beautiful Human Being
A Powerful Man
A Loving Leader
A Wonderful Creation of Myself
A Divine Being

Here I am with all of my fear and pain
Here I am with all of my Love and Joy

I am Love
I am her to create heaven in myself
I am here to bring about heaven on Earth

I Am Love
Love is Who I Am

Keep The Faith – Bon Jovi

Image: ‘Pensive Homeless Portraiture II’ by Leroy Skalstad on

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