Here comes the Sun

Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on friday 1 june 2018

The Call by Mario Magallanes

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Part 5 in the Helena Series

“Ohhh,” Helena and Marlon sighed as the most radiant sun they had ever seen, appeared before them.

They gazed at the sun to see it transform into a smiling woman’s face so full of love that it brought tears to their eyes. A warm and gentle voice spoke.

“Dear children, I am called Tamar. Please, come closer.”

The two friends did as they were asked.

“My name is Helena,” Helena said without the slightest hesitation.

“And I am called Marlon,” Marlon added with equal enthusiasm.

“Yes, I know, my little wise ones. I have been watching you from above since the day you were born.”

“Were you expecting us, Tamar?” Helena asked.

Tamar smiled.

“Yes, I was indeed. Just as humankind has been expecting me for thousands of years.”

“So, you are the long-expected Sun,” Helena said to her own surprise, as the words did not feel as if they were her own.

“Yes, I am,” Tamar replied, “and to the ancients I am also known as Sirius.”

Alan Parsons Project Sirius

From a deep sense of tranquillity, the two youngsters continued to listen carefully to what Tamar had to say, as if they had been looking forward to this moment all their lives.

“On Earth, I have appeared and still appear to this day in many different forms.”

Tamar had barely finished speaking when her face briefly disappeared, and another face appeared in its place.

“Grandma!” Helena gasped.

Tamar reappeared.

“Yes, I was she,” she confirmed, “and the oak sapling as well.”

Helena smiled as she felt her heart glow as never before.

“I knew it,” she whispered.

Canopy by John Bevan

“And, because you know this, I want you to know this also,” Tamar continued. “Since the dawn of humankind, people all over the world have been looking up to heaven for someone to provide salvation.”

“Do you mean people like Jesus and Mohammed?” Marlon asked.

“Yes, I do, Marlon. Certainly, these saviours and messiahs did initiate people into the way of Love, or the way inside as it is also known.”

Helena nodded. Somehow this all sounded familiar, even though she had never heard or read about it before.

“However, what people seldom realize is that they themselves are saviours. Each and every one of you is initiated into the way inside on the day you are born. This is your collective birthright. An eternal connection with the divine power of creation that enables you to cocreate paradise.

U2 Rejoice

“As it is in Heaven, so it is on Earth,” Helena said, as she fully comprehended its deeper meaning.

“Yes,” Tamar said, “and, as it is within, so it is without,” she added. “Although you may feel powerless at times, and incapable of creating change, let alone working miracles, remember that you always have a tremendous power at your disposal, called: self-creation.”

Both Marlon and Helena smiled, knowingly.

“By healing yourself, you will find your way back to the way of Love and create change within yourself. Because everything is connected, everything affects everything else. Your seemingly minor changes to yourself affect the world around you and can even lead to great changes with far-reaching consequences.”

Tamar then looked at Marlon with a loving smile on her face.

“You can feel it, can’t you, Marlon?” she asked.

Marlon smiled as tears of joy rolled unashamedly down his cheeks.

“Yes,” he nodded.

“By accepting your pain this afternoon, you were able to let it go and transformed yourself into a more powerful person. Maybe you do not realize this yet, but this will contribute to your father’s transformation and that of others also.”

Dandelion by M Nota

Again, Marlon nodded. Helena smiled at him and then at Tamar.

“What you are telling us, Tamar, is that we are all cocreators. Is that right?”

“Yes, that is right, Helena. The physical world knows many forms and great diversity in species, people, beliefs and views, but the essence is always love. In life, each of us goes his own way, yet together we follow the way of Love.”

“How will we know when we are following the way of Love?” Helena asked.

“Look for the signs, they will tell you,” Tamar answered.

Both Marlon and Helena looked at her with an inquisitive look on their faces.

“The signs are everywhere, sometimes hidden in plain sight. They could be an animal that crosses your path, some seed fluff that finds its way on to your sleeve, a sudden change of wind, or a stranger’s smile. But you need not worry, little ones. You will recognize them, for you have eyes that see and ears that hear.”

Marlon and Helena nodded together in recognition.

“Now the time has come to bid you both farewell,” Tamar spoke. “Keep up the good work, my little Suns. I will be in touch with you soon. For now, remember that love is what we are,” she spoke, smiling radiantly and then disappeared.

They opened their eyes and were startled by a man’s voice behind them.

“Marlon, something told me I would find you here.”

“Poppa!” Marlon shouted with joy as he turned around and fell in his father’s arms.

“Everything’s gonna be just fine,” his father said, holding Marlon tightly.

“I know, poppa,” Marlon said, weeping with relief.

At that very moment, Helena’s attention was drawn to the little oak sapling which now already stood over one metre high.

“Love is what we are,” she whispered, blissfully.

Will you join me? Seminar Love Is What We Are

You may be wondering how this story will continue? Well, actually, I don’t know. This series was sparked by John Mellencamp’s inspiring song ‘Now more than ever’. As always, when I was listening to the words, my mind’s eye was flooded with images. I transformed these into a story that filled me with a profound sense of being, led by something far greater than I am.

Soon after, the inspiration for the other four parts came to me in an instant. I wrote these effortlessly and with a great deal of emotion. To me, this meant I was doing what I was destined to do. I was telling the world what I have felt from the moment I took my first breath. That love is what we are. Also, I was explaining that we can change the world by changing ourselves. However, despite this knowledge and my experience, I still have lots of unanswered questions.

I’m guessing you have a lot of questions too. So, I would like to invite you to an interactive seminar both live and online in which I will elaborate on the Helena Series and discuss with you what it really means to follow the way inside as individuals and the way of Love as a collective.

Will you join me? Please send an email to or leave a comment below if you would like to register for this seminar, and I will get back to you shortly. Together we can ‘write’ a new story. Together we can change the world for the better, just like Helena and Marlon.

Gabriel Fauré Requiem: In Paradisum


‘The Call’ by Mario Magallanes on

‘Canopy’ by John Bevan on

‘Dandelion’ by M Nota on

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