Heart facts

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When the heart overflows, it will come out through the mouth – Ethiopian proverb

Heart facts

In our society, the power of the heart is grossly underestimated. Here are some heart facts that will leave you gobsmacked:

The heart’s magnetic field is 5,000 times greater than the brain’s and the electric field is 100 times greater.

The heart has its own neural system, with a short-term memory and a long-term memory.

The heart can be broken by intense traumatic experiences. Scientists call this: Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy. A tiny rupture appears in the heart, and once this is healed the heart becomes stronger, milder and wholly absorbed with unconditional love. – Source: Happinez

The Earth’s magnetic resonances vibrate at the same frequency as our heart rhythms and brain waves. – Global Coherence Initiative


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