Half a life at seven

Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on wednesday 4 september 2019

Happy Child by Leroy Skalstad

7 and she’s happy with tribal life in Papua New Guinea

Digging for yams with the village dogs

Dad comes home from good hunting

A piece of barbecued bush pig for tea

And a hug and kiss from Mum at night

7 and he’s walking the streets of nighttime Phuket

With big sister, she's 15 but looks like she’s 19

I hope the man is kind to us tonight

Maybe there’s an extra $5 in it for me

As long as I don’t have to sit on his lap this time

7 and she’s begging a life on the streets of Rio

Gotta feed 3 year old sister and 20 year old mum too

Mum’s looking for a job again today

Dad’s a pile of rocks in the slum cemetary

Seems a pack of white powder meant more than flesh and blood

7 and he’s a gang leader in Johannesburg

They shouldn’t have stolen his soccer ball

Then he wouldn’t have used his Walther PK

No one can stop me now

Dad won’t be back for 20 years and Mum won’t be back at all

7 and she’s going to primary school in Brussels

Shall I ask the K3 CD or bracelets, or both?

Dad promised he’d be at the party on Saturday

I know he’ll never forget my birthday

But then, why don’t he and Mum love each other anymore?

7 and he’s on his dirt bike mustering sheep in NZ

I can’t wait to see their faces at school on Monday

I really love Mum for letting me go along this time

Now I know why the dogs are always so keen

Ha ha...look at them run over the sheeps’ backs

Half a life...half a life at seven

George Benson on Sesame Street The Greatest Love Of All


‘Happy Child’ by Leroy Skalstad on Pixabay

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