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Imagine a tree, an oak tree. Can you picture it? With its wide trunk, long branches, long leaves, acorns and grey, grooved bark? It’s these characteristics that tell you that it’s an oak and enable you to identify with it. Brands work in the same way.

People feel your essence

Clients and other people identify with what characterizes you. Usually without them being aware of it. It’s a matter of feeling. People feel your essence or the essence of your organization and make the connection. Everything that reminds them of this will create a reaction. It gets them to contact you, buy a product or service from you, or talk about you with other people or organizations.

Your brand story lays the foundations

Okay, how are you going to show who you are? Or, more precisely, how will you define who you are? As a brand story writer I can strike up a conversation with you and make a connection. In this way, I can feel and see your essence, power and potential. I will then turn these into a story. Your brand story. This brand story and the slogan that goes with it will lay the foundations for your communication, such as your website or a video, and will be reflected in your corporate design and logo.

Let me write your brand story

Do you wish to be recognizable to your clients? Do you want people to identify and connect with you? Contact me and let me write your brand story. While you're at it, take a look at my branding services on my other website.

P.S. Did you notice that the oak bark in the image above is horizontal? No? Well, don’t worry about it. You will recognize the bark subconsciously, no matter how it is presented.

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