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"Actually, language doesn’t interest me in the least," this is how I started to tell a bit about myself at a book presentation, once. The audience looked startled, until I continued: "whereas images mean everything to me." It therefore, doesn’t come as a surprise that readers of my Dutch novel, often say they feel like they were in the middle of a film. And that readers of my other stories and texts, express how they become lost in their imagination. Or, as my publisher, Jitske Kingma, put it: ‘In his debut novel, Wim Beunderman has proven to be a talented storyteller. He effortlessly grabs one’s attention and unravels an ingenious tale filled with passion and sorrow.’ That just about sums it up for me. For, a story touches the reader deep inside, and remains there for the rest of his life.


Dutch novel: De feeks van Montpézat  Published: 22nd November 2012

Intuitive story 'And the wind whispered'

Yet to be published

Novel 'Maga'

Novel 'The Montpézat Hag'

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