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Oh wind, do not call my name

Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on monday 29 january 2018

Spanish Village Street by Graham Briggs

Story no. 2 in the Valentine's Day Series

A warm wind began to blow from the east and found its way into the smallest alleyways of the Mediterranean port. Elmira knew it was that time again. The wind caressed her cheek and her ear, and she sensed it straight away. She felt it in her heart that tingled with desire and in her eyes that pricked with homesickness. An inner conflict took control of her. Gently she pulled aside the curtains that the wind was playfully tugging, left the coolness of the room and stepped on to the sun-drenched balcony. There she looked out over the deep blue sea in the bay and pricked her ears to the sound of the friendly, yet tormenting wind.

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Angel of the Favela

Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on tuesday 23 january 2018

Botanic Garden And Corcovado by Ju Araujo

Story no. 1 in the Valentine's Day Series

Angelica looked up from the plates that she was wiping with a wet, threadbare tea towel. She peered outside through the small window and saw how the morning sun danced on the puddles. Everything seemed so peaceful now, very different to the night before, when the rain from the spring storm had thrashed against the corrugated iron sheeting of her shack. The storm had been so wild; making her wonder if it would tear her beloved home apart. Strangely enough, it made her smile. It wasn’t much of a house, and yet, it and everything inside were very dear to her.

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And the wind whispered - Episode 15

Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on friday 19 january 2018

Magpie by TreeFaerie

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Episode 15

“What are you doing here, baby sis?” Deborah asked.

“Is that the welcome I get after all those years?” Jenny responded,

“Yes, it’s certainly been a while,” Deborah admitted with a hint of melancholy in her voice. “I bet Dad told you I was here.”

“That’s right. We were on the phone the other day and he told me you needed to get some stuff sorted out or something. So, I thought I’d pay you a visit and catch up with you. Maybe we can get some surfing in as well.”

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Our purpose is to shine

Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on friday 12 january 2018

Sunshine On The Bayou by Cheryl Empey

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Part 2 in the Helena Series

Still smiling, Helena walked over to the tiny oak sapling and knelt down beside it.

“Grandma,” she said again, only this time a little louder, “I’m so glad you’re still here.”

At the same moment, a breeze gently stroked her dark brown locks. To Helena it felt as if Grandma was talking to her by way of the wind. She smiled even more and took pleasure in the warm, glowing sensation she felt in her heart. Then, she stood up and walked slowly to the big oak that shaded the little oak from the heat of the afternoon sun.

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