And the wind whispered - Episode 24

Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on monday 11 june 2018

Pizza Time by Leonardo Ciannella

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Episode 24

“Hey Conno, how’s it going?” Dave Frankston greeted on the phone and then swallowed the bite he had just taken of his pizza. He was thrilled that Giuseppe had decided to ring him.

“You know, Mr. Frankston, I’ve been thinking about your offer the other day. It’s put things into a different perspective.”

Dave raised his eyebrows.

“After leaving Bee, I lost all hope of ever seeing her again. Your contacting me has brought back heaps of memories that made me realize how much I’ve missed her and how much pain I’ve been suppressing all these years.”

“Hmm, I thought it would.”

“Now, I see life’s given me a new chance,” Giuseppe continued. “And I’m taking it, Mr. Frankston!” he half shouted down the phone as his heart pounded with excitement.

“Well, I’m really glad, Gio. I take it that means you’ll be coming down for the reunion?”

“You bet ya, Mr. F,” Giuseppe said, feeling elated.

Dave grinned.

“Good on ya, son,” he replied. “We look forward to having you.”

“Yeah, so am I, even though I feel a bit nervous about how Bee will take the news.”

“That’s my department,” Dave replied, “I’ll fix that, no worries.”

Giuseppe smiled. He knew Mr. Frankston would take care of things just like he always had when Giuseppe and Gazza were growing up in Moorabbin. He and Mr. Frankston chatted for a short while until the conversation drew to an end.

“Well, I’m going to make the necessary arrangements, Gio, and then I’ll get back to you.”

“Okay, ta, Mr. Frankston. I’ll let you finish your tea.”

“How did you know I was eating?”

“When you picked up the phone, those munching noises you were making were so loud, I’m surprised everyone in Melbourne didn’t hear you,” Giuseppe said, laughing.

Dave burst out laughing.

“Watch yourself, mate, or I just might change my mind,” he responded.

“Yeah, sure, Mr. F. See ya later. And, oh, say hello to Mrs. F for me.”

“Will do, Gio. See ya.”

After he had hung up the phone, Dave looked at his pizza and smiled. It felt like nothing had changed and Giuseppe had just been over to enjoy a meal with them. Now that Giuseppe had told him he was coming down for the reunion, it would not be long before having a meal together became reality. He began eating his pizza again. As he sipped at his red wine in between bites, he imagined the look on his wife Jane’s face when she returned home from her evening out with her friends and heard that Conno would be coming to the reunion. This had to be one of the best things that had happened in a long time, he said to himself before bringing out a toast.

“To love,” he spoke out loud, smiling with tears in his eyes.

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