And the wind whispered - Episode 17

Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on monday 26 february 2018

Surfers by Alberto Serveso

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Episode 17

As soon as the call had ended, Giuseppe put his phone down on the coffee table and walked over to his stereo system in the corner of the living room and started the CD player. Within seconds the melody of one of his favourite operas found its way through the speakers and filled the room. Giuseppe turned up the volume and began pacing through the room, occasionally running his hands through his hair. This and the loud reverberating music helped him to think.

“Bee,” he spoke out loud. “I can hardly believe it.”

Every day upon waking in the morning and at the setting of the sun, he thought of his long-lost love. In his heart she remained and she would certainly keep on doing so, but in his mind, Giuseppe had ruled out long ago the thought of ever seeing her again. Until a few minutes ago when he was on the phone with Mr. Frankston. He found himself wondering whether he had heard his former footy coach and best mate’s father correctly when he said that he knew of Bee’s whereabouts.

As Giuseppe paced through the room he came face to face with his reflection in the long mirror that hung at one end of his dining room table. He stopped and smiled. He no longer had any doubts about what Dave Frankston had told him. There was going to be a reunion and he was invited. He was going to meet Bee again. Dave Frankston had handed it to him on a plate.

Then Bee appeared before Giuseppe’s mind’s eye. She looked as beautiful as ever, and the sight of her dark brown eyes set in her sweet face brought tears of love to his eyes. In his imagination, he walked over to her as she flashed her perfectly white teeth at him in a radiant smile. He brought his hand to her cheek, gently brushing away her long, curly, sun-bleached locks and placed his lips upon hers. In what felt like eternity they kissed ardently just as they used to all those years ago.

With a sigh Giuseppe was back in the present moment. Instinctively he brought his hand to the small cowry shell that hung from a strand of leather around his neck. Bee had given it to him one evening on the beach. They had been surfing that day or, to be more accurate, Bee had been teaching him how to surf. She was a very experienced surfer and very talented as well. Giuseppe, however, had difficulty getting the hang of it. Still, he had given it all he had got. After an hour or so he had lost count of the number of times he had fallen off his board, making Bee laugh with the funny faces he pulled as he went under.

She only loved him more for it, though. His perseverance was one of the traits she admired in him, and so, to console him, she snuggled up close to him by the fire that evening and began to tell him a story about a cowry shell.

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