And the wind whispered - Episode 14

Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on thursday 28 december 2017

One by Jonathan M

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Episode 14

Upon hearing the name ‘Frankston’, Giuseppe finally realized who the mysterious caller was. As his mind’s eye was flooded with more memories of his childhood in Moorabbin, he saw himself on the footy field playing his first game as if it were yesterday. He had a great deal to be thankful for to Mr. Frankston. Not just as his coach, but as his best mate’s dad too. In fact, Dave Frankston had always been like a second father to him, and thinking about this, moistened his eyes. What’s come over me, Giuseppe wondered, as he had not felt so emotional in years until ‘Dave’ had texted him during the soccer game the week before.

“It’s been a long time, Conno,” Dave Frankston spoke, interrupting Giuseppe’s memories. He sensed what Giuseppe must have been feeling, now he had turned up in his life again after all those years.

“Yes, it has,” Giuseppe replied softly with tears welling up in his eyes and his heart aching.

“Gary’s mum and I really missed you after you ran off in ’87. We all did.”

“I know, Gazza told me when he finally tracked me down on Facebook last year,” Giuseppe said sniffing. “I missed you guys too. You were like family back then. You still are.”

“The same goes for us.”

The conversation went silent for a few moments while both men struggled with their emotions. Then Dave cleared his throat and began to recall fond memories.

“Do you remember our trips to Cape Tribulation and along the Bloomfield Track to Wujal Wujal?”

“How could I forget?” Giuseppe replied smiling. “We had some great times up there. Hiking through the rainforest to the falls, camping nearby and swimming in the sea.”

“Yeah, and a good job the locals showed us where it was safe to swim, what, with all those salties,” Dave added, laughing.

Giuseppe began laughing as well.

“Yeah, you bet. And what about that old Land Cruiser of yours?”

“She was bloody excellent, and reliable too. In fact, I still have her.”

“You’re having me on. After all we put her through; knee-deep mud, rocky creek beds and not to mention the tropical humidity.”

“Yeah, I know, unbelievable, isn’t it?”

They continued to catch up for a while until Dave began to tell Giuseppe the reason for his making contact with him.

“We were wondering if you would like to come over for a reunion. We’ll pay for your flight and you can stay with us. We’ve booked a lodge in Cape Tribulation for a week.”

Dave’s invitation took Giuseppe by surprise. He hesitated for a moment.

“Uh, what do you mean by a reunion?”

“We would like to get the families together. Ours and...uh...Bee’s.”

Again Giuseppe was shaken by Dave’s words. Did he hear that correctly about his girlfriend Bee and her family?

“That’s right,” Dave said guessing Giuseppes’s thoughts, “everyone that’s still around and wants to come.”

“Do you mean you know where Bee is?” Giuseppe asked.

“Yes, I do, except I haven’t contacted her yet.”

“Woah,” Giuseppe exclaimed with a sigh. “I didn’t see that one coming.”

“No, I can imagine. Well anyway, think it over and get back to me, alright?”

“I will, Mr. F.”

“I’ll speak to you later, then,” Dave said.

“Okay,” Giuseppe answered lost in thought and ended the call.

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