An arousing afternoon in the meadow

Written by Wim Beunderman, posted on monday 1 may 2017

Willow by Lavender Field

For a moment she shut her eyes against the sun’s rays. Then she spread her blanket over the long, soft grass in the meadow next to the lavender field and kneeled down. Slowly she undressed until she was completely naked and felt the warmth of the sun caressing her skin. She looked around nervously. She hoped nobody could see her and quickly overcame her fear. She lay down on the blanket, closed her eyes and enjoyed the warm sensation all over her body. Before long, she fell asleep.

She started dreaming a dream that felt real. It was about an attractive man who she had bumped into at the bakery a couple of times. Neither of them had spoken a word then, but the looks that they had exchanged said enough. Now, in her dream, this man had come to her in the meadow. He too had undressed and had kneeled down beside her as she lay on the blanket with her eyes closed.

He began to massage her. She gave herself completely and took intense pleasure in the way his hands attentively and lovingly rubbed her sweaty skin with a lovely smelling natural oil. He started on her feet and slowly but steadily found his way higher up along her calves, her thighs and her buttocks to her back and shoulders. She was beside herself with pleasure. Deep within she felt the sensation he caused.

And this was but the beginning. She sighed deeply with excitement when his tongue replaced his hands. Again, he found his way upwards; leaving a moist trail on her skin that tingled with pleasure. It made her lose herself in ecstasy until she felt his tongue slowly slide up and down over her cheek. The movement became more and more intense and felt wetter and wetter. It spread out over her whole face and was accompanied by deep breathing.

This was an entirely different sensation. Arousal and pleasure made way for an unpleasant feeling. Suddenly, she felt so uncomfortable that she was harshly awakened from her dream and forced to open her eyes.

“Aaaargh...!” she screamed in disgust as she came face to face with a cow. Two large, dark brown eyes gazed at her in curiosity while the cow licked her face with her enormous tongue.


Do you want to win your own story?

I’ll bet this story turned out different to what you expected. That’s what I like about stories: they can go any way you like. In this case, I wonder how this story is going to end. What will the woman do? And what about the cow?

Well, it’s all up to you. Create your own ending and email it to me before 1st of June 2017: The writer of the most exciting ending will be rewarded with a short story with a theme of their own choice.

Cow by Janina Riske

Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg Je taime


‘Willow by Lavender Field’

‘Cow’ by Janina Riske on

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Competition Entries

Entry from Goedele Vercnocke

Young Couple Kissing by Brierley

Quickly she stood upright, pulling a corner of the blanket towards her, and in revulsion she began to rub the wet spots on her face, legs and stomach dry. The thought of the cow’s slimy tongue all over her body made her shiver in disgust.  

“Bella likes you, you know...”, a man’s warm voice sounded from nearby. It startled her and her heart beat faster when she saw the handsome man from the bakery standing before her with his legs wide apart. She quickly pulled the blanket around her shoulders. “Caught you!” he said laughing as she stammered and collected her dress and sandals.

“My name’s Miguel. What’s yours?”

“Uhhh, my name’s Naima,” she said embarrassed.

“Shall we go for a stroll, Naima?” he suggested.

And he offered to hold the blanket in front of her while she put her dress back on. That lovely sultry afternoon was the beginning of a romantic love story for Naima and Miguel. Their first passionate kiss was applauded by Bella’s loud bellowing. Miguel and Naima massaged each other happily ever after.

Image: ‘Young Couple Kisssing’ by Brierley on

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